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 Ingame Rules

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PostSubject: Ingame Rules   Ingame Rules EmptyWed Mar 09, 2011 12:08 pm

•No Hacking : Hacking is HIGHLY against the rules! If you had donators and get banned because of hacking, don't cry to us that you wasted your money, its your own fault!
1st offense : Pernament IP Ban

•No spamming : Spamming... what does that bring to you? NOTHING! Why do some players spam advertisements for help to make a clan? Just whisper some playsers and try to be less annoyable.
1st offesne : Warning, 2nd offense : 1 day ban, 3rd offense : 7 day ban, 4th offense : Account Ban, 5th offense : Pernament IP ban

•No illegal glitching : Glitching is also against rules. Players do that because their think they are cool that they know it.
1st offense : 1 day ban, 2nd offense : 7 day ban, 3rd offense : Account ban, 4th offesne : Pernament IP ban

•No egoing : Ego = rage. Why do you rage if someone beats you in 1vs1? Hes better than you, so?
1st offense : 1 day ban, 2nd offense : 7 day ban, 3rd offense : Account ban, 4th offense : Pernament IP ban

Simple rules.
I hope you can follow them.

Best regards,
Archetype, UG owner
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Ingame Rules
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